The great thing about using a company that does hvac in new york city is that they have a lot of experience and have seen just about every type of problem you can imagine. Working in a metro area that has twenty to thirty million people tends to do that. I was having some problems with the heater in my shop and decided to look into hiring someone to take a look at it and make some recommendations. I know the heater is old because it’s been here since I took this place over in the early 1990s.

It’s old, but it should still work well. I figured I would get someone to come out and without even looking at it they would recommend a total replacement. The problem with that solution is a lack of funds on my part. I can’t afford a new heating unit, not at this time. I also can’t afford to have customers complaining about how cold it is in here in December. So something had to happen that would get the unit providing heat while not busting my wallet. That is wear retrofitting came into the picture.

The company I hired sent out a guy and he looked closely at the entire system. When he heard my concerns about replacing the unit, he mentioned retrofitting it to bring it up to a better standard. That’s where they go through the unit and take out all the questionable parts and then put much newer parts into the machine so that it works better as well as works more efficiently. The process sure worked well for me as the cost to replace some parts was a lot less than buying a new unit. It works better than ever, too, although eventually I will have to replace it.

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