Tallahassee is my absolute favorite city to live in. I’ve lived in a lot of different places, but I find myself attached to this city more than any other. Now that I decided to move back to the city permanently, I’m tasked with finding an apartment. I think I’ve actually found the apartment I want to move into, all without even stepping foot on the property. I took a virtual tour online, and I was really pleased with what I saw. I didn’t even have to search any other Tallahassee apartments for rent, because I found this place right away.

I love the way that the floor plans are so spacious. The master bedroom they had on display was huge. The bed was placed near the center of the room, and there was still a lot of space remaining. I can really see myself sleeping in that room, and I like that there is enough room for all of my furniture. The guest room also had a lot of space. It was a tiny bit smaller, but still very spacious. I believe that my guests would be very comfortable there. The kitchen was nice as well. There was plenty of counter space, and the counters themselves were very modern and expensive looking.

One of my favorite things that I discovered is the fitness center. I wouldn’t even have to have a gym membership anymore. I could simply walk out my door, and head down to the fitness center. That would save me so much money every month. What a bonus. It looks like they have a lot of equipment in there as well. I was able to see weight machines, treadmills, and elliptical machines. I’m really looking forward to having a tour in person. I’m going to schedule that as soon as possible, because I’m looking to move within the next month or so.

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