I knew that I was going to get a pretty substantial bonus from my employer and the first thing that made sense was to go ahead and buy a little house of my own. Since we are based in the Southern suburbs I have found a good Cherry Creek realtor to assist me, because I realize that it is a complicated process and I do not have the time nor the inclination to be navigating through all of the problems involved in the process by myself. Obviously it is going to be an expense, but I figure that you may as well find someone who knows what they are doing and let them get through all of the intricacies of the problem. I have plenty of stuff that I need to do on my own and it just does not make any sense for me to devote time I do not have to this problem.

I do want something pretty specific, out in the country a bit and still within a short drive to the company campus. I would love it if there was plenty of trails for hiking and mountain biking, although I am just now trying to get started on that. There is ample opportunities for outdoor activities in this area and I have a new girlfriend who is really into all of that sort of thing. She has the entire range of hobbies, from hiking to biking to kayaking. In truth she can walk me into the ground and laugh at me for being out of shape, but I just claim that it is the altitude that does it. At any rate I am thinking that a place out in the highlands would suit me fine and it should be pretty cheap if I am being told the truth.

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